After 20 years of experience in industrial cleaning as inspector and commercial, I wanted to launch my company to apply my own philosophy.

Working in a clean and smelling environment is healthy and enjoyable. But it also improves the work environment and the productivity of your employees.

Keeping your premises clean also contributes to the image of your company with your employees, but also with your customers and suppliers.

Lastly, regularly maintaining your premises means preserving your infrastructures and guaranteeing them a longer service life and less frequent refurbishment.

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logo_image seule.png

Respect for the prospect

Respect for the prospect, by not offering you a cheap service that will not make your premises a clean and pleasant place ...

Trust us !

Listening to your needs, I study with you the solutions and frequencies best suited to your facilities and your budget to achieve a perfect result.

Customer respect

Respect for the customer by making every effort not to derogate from our agreement and the expected results ...

Trust us !

For this, I personally set up a logistics staff, products and machines specific to your site and I regularly check the quality of our services.

Respect for the worker

Respect for the worker by listening carefully to his needs ...

Trust us !

It is the guarantee for the customer of a stable and applied staff.